What to do if you have an existing Home or Business Alarm system that needs to be monitored.

Do you already have an alarm system in your home and just need monitoring? Why not save as much money as you can by utilizing the alarm system you already have in place. With some companies people pay upwards $45 a month or more for alarm monitoring services. If your equipment is new, or still in good shape, there is often no need to replace the current equipment. Find a local alarm company with the knowledge to simply activate an monitor your security system. Even if the existing system needs some repair work, a professional alarm company technician can service and repair minor problems at little additional cost. Below is a list of services a technicians should provide when they arrive.

Professional system activation from a licensed Alarm Company Technician, not a contractor.
Program your system to call a Local 24 hour UL Certified Monitoring Station.
Test your system to be sure that all components are working properly.
Change access codes if needed.
Provide access to an owner’s manual.
Answer any questions you may have regarding upgrades.
Install new decals and yard sign.

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