Top 5 reasons why trusting in a self installed security system is a bad idea.

1.) About two-thirds of Americans polled do not consider DIY security systems, otherwise known as “self-installed systems,” as safe as professionally monitored alarm systems.

2.) Problems with tricky installations can render a DIY security system useless giving the homeowner a false sense of security.

3.) False alarms caused by improper installation can result in costly dispatches of Police, Fire, and EMS services to your home resulting in civil penalties. Furthermore, you could end up in court and have to pay on average $100 per false alarm incident.

4.) Many municipalities require an alarm system to be installed and certified by a professional licensed alarm company before they will dispatch Police, Fire, or EMS services to your home.

5.) The cost of professional installation by some companies is about the same as a self install system without all the hassle and liability. Security One Services has systems with low startup costs and monitoring prices as low as $14.95 per month with no long term contract.



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