Copy of How to change your Home or Business Security system backup battery

Your home or business security control panel contains a backup battery to power your alarm in the event of a power outage. Whether a natural disaster occurs or you disconnect AC power from your alarm, the battery takes over. If you rely on the backup battery until it dies, you probably need to replace the battery once power is restored. Otherwise, most manufacturers recommend replacing the battery every three to five years.

Proper maintenance of your alarm system can provide you with confidence in your equipment. When it’s time to replace them for new batteries, you will notice a blinking “low battery” icon on your alarm pad. You’ll know that you are being protected. Here are some tips for changing your main panel battery:

1.      Locate your panel (should be a large, metal box). Panels are usually located towards the back of a closet.

2.      Open the panel box. Some boxes are locked with a key or a screw.

3.      Disconnect both the black and red wires that are connected to your battery.

4.      Remove the battery and take it with you to the store where you will purchase a replacement, Batteries plus, Ace hardware etc.. That way, you choose the right type.

5.      Reconnect the black and red wires.

6.      Give the alarm 24-48 hours to reset.



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