We can monitor your existing Home Security System

Do you already have an alarm system in your home and just need monitoring? We save you as much money as we can by utilizing the system you already have in place. Why pay over $45 a month for alarm monitoring if you already have an existing security system? Security One has state licensed alarm technicians who are certified to reprogram your existing security system. If your equipment is new, or still in good shape, there is often no need to replace the current equipment. With our knowledge of the industry we are able to simply reprogram or activate almost any security system. Even if the existing system needs some repair work, our professional installers service and repair minor problems at no additional cost. Below is a list of services our technicians will provide when they arrive

  1. .Free Professional activation from a licensed technician.
  2. Program your system to call our Local 24 hour UL Certified Monitoring Station
  3. Test your system to be sure that all components are working properly
  4. Change access codes if needed.
  5. Provide access to a manual if you need one.
  6. Answer any questions you may have regarding additional equipment.
  7. Install new decals and yard sign.


Home Owners Please. We do not service Apartments at this time.

HomeControl Flex

Click image for more information on HomeControl Flex

Click image for more information on HomeControl Flex

Control Security, lights, locks, thermostat, cameras, using a smart phone or computer with HomeControl Flex. Works with all New and Pre-existing DSC Home Security Systems.HomeControl is a home automation solution that gives you the power to easily manage, interact with and control your home security system at an affordable price. No matter where you are, HomeControl makes it simple to monitor and stay connected with your loved ones and your property giving you peace of mind in the palm of your hands.


Information You May Need Before You call

  • Do you have a land line or would you prefer to use our Cellular Monitoring plan?

  • What is the model number of your existing system? This can be found in the metal control box usually located in the closet or basement. It will be written on the inside cover. It may also be written in the owners' manual, if you have one. Below a are a few photos you can use to help you determine what system you have.

  • Do you own or rent the home. We provide services to homeowners and small businesses. If you are a renter, ask your landlord to call us to establish service.

  • Take a photo with your phone, and email or text us. We will help you determine what type of equipment you have.

Home Owners Please. We do not service Apartments at this time.

Commonly asked questions

Do I have to sign a long term contract? No, we retain our clients by providing quality service not through contracts. Our contract term is Month to Month for Residential service. Some companies have a hidden 3-5 year contract clause hidden in the contract which allows them to raise the monitoring rate at any time and auto renew the contract for another 3-5 year term.

Can you use my existing system? Yes in most cases. Some exceptions might include very old systems, damaged systems or systems that have been password protected (locked-out) by the previous alarm company.

How long has Security One Services been in Business? We are one of the few companies serving Georgia since 1968!

Is the monitoring performed in a local Underwriters Laboratory Listed (UL)  facility? Yes, and our monitoring station is located locally in the Atlanta Metro area and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved.

What is your rating with the Better Business Bureau?  Security One Services maintains an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau unlike many alarm and cable companies.

Do I need to have a home phone line for the services to work? No, there is a Cellular Monitoring option available. Please call us for details.

Can you use a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocols) phone line? Yes, in some cases. Name brand VoIP products do have the highest success rates but many of the Cable providers compress the signal making it un-reliable. Cellular Monitoring is the most reliable and cost efficient method and protects against criminals cutting your phone or cable wire outside.

Why can’t you just use my cell phone? The security system needs a means to transmit signals from the premises (be able to make a phone call). To accomplish this it must be wired into a phone source. While we can call you on your cell phone, cell phones are not designed to be wired into a security panel.

Does Security One Services use installer technician contractors like some of the other alarm and utility companies? Security One Services used only State Licensed and bonded employees who have been thoroughly background checked, We do not use contractors.

Does the monthly monitoring rate go up if I add fire or smoke detection? No, the monitoring rate will stay the same.

There are some alarm companies that install alarm equipment that can only be monitored by them? (Proprietary Equipment)  This is a common tactic used by some alarm companies to trap customers into long term contracts and allow them to charge enormous monthly fees. Don't worry, because Security One has a solution. We will replace the keypad and motherboard and leave the balance of the system intact for a very small parts cost. You retain ownership of the equipment and have a full warranty. Over time, you will save a great deal of money and have the flexibility you deserve. In the end, Security One will provide you with the best monitoring and equipment at the best price.

If I buy new equipment from Security One Services is there a warranty? Yes. all newly installed equipment comes with a one year warranty,

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