Home Owners Please. We do not service Apartments at this time.

Looking to integrate your life with your security system?

HomeControl Flex

Flex your creative muscle by using your everyday devices and apps to control your system. HomeControl Flex™ takes the automated home as you know it and turns it into the automated home as you’ve always imagined it. With HomeControl Flex you can now integrate smart home products and web services with your DSC security system using the free automation services of IFTTT.com. IFTTT.com is a service that lets consumers create powerful connections with one simple statement – if this then that. For the self-empowered and tech-capable home owner, the possibilities are as varied as your needs. All of it is possible with nothing more than your DSC system, one single mobile app and your knack for setting up and self-servicing any of more than 170 consumer tech devices and services -- the ones you use every day.


Home Owners Please. We do not service Apartments at this time.



Location Aware

Your smartphone or wearable device allows for real-time locating, which, in turn, allows you to do things like disarm your system as you pull into the driveway or arm the system if you turn off of your street. Or maybe you want certain interior lights and even the television turned on as you pull into the driveway each evening. Yes, what time it is and what you’re doing can initiate such time-saving and lifestyle-enhancing functions, but where you are can also set things in motion. It’s up to you.


Powerful Schedules

Have the security system disarm at the time you have the cleaning service scheduled to arrive each Tuesday. Have it reactivate after they leave and secure the front door. Have the alarm turn off once again when the kids get home from school. Synched up with your Google Calendar, the capabilities of HomeControl Flex can be tailored to your schedule down to the minute.



What’s the one thing you almost always do when you leave your home? Most likely, it’s turning the ignition key of your automobile. Now imagine that the simple act of turning that key arms your security system, so you never have to wonder if you set it after driving away. When you return home and shut off your car, the alarm panel is disarmed. Best of all, with an assist from HomeControl Flex you’ve set it up to happen automatically before you’ve even pulled in or out of the driveway.




Few things can reduce utility bills quite like a customizable smart home interface such as HomeControl Flex. Imagine that as you are leaving for the day and you arm your security system, the lights are turned off or dimmed; the shades are drawn on east- and west-facing windows; and power to appliances, televisions, computer equipment and device chargers is shut off at the source - after all, such “resting” electricity costs add up each and every day.


Daily Habits

Do you want the alarm system to disarm each time you perform a simple morning ritual like stepping on the bathroom scale? Once you step on the scale, your security system is disarmed by simply providing it with its daily “trigger.” With the help of HomeControl Flex, such time-saving interoperability is now a reality.




Smart Lighting

The lighting in and around your home can provide an extra layer of protection for you and your family. There is a sense of security when entering a residence that is well lit. Now, when you disarm your security system the light in your entrance way turns on, giving you better visibility. Beyond that, if the alarm system is set off in the middle of the night, the interior light comes on.


Z-Wave technology gives your home the ability to respond to security and lifestyle cues in ways that may have seemed unimaginable not so long ago. For instance, when the alarm panel is armed, the garage door closes. Or when a trigger locks your Z-Wave door lock, your security system is armed. As for the full range of possibilities, let your practical tech knowledge and enterprising nature be your guide.


Whenever you arm your security system each morning as you leave for work also tells the thermostat to move in the money-saving direction. Climate control is for your comfort, and when you’re not home paying to achieve a comfortable temperature in an empty house is an utter waste of money. Set it up to go back to normal temps just before you return home, and you won’t notice any difference -- until you pay your utility bills, of course. Set it up to make “softer” adjustments after you go to sleep each night, and the savings continue to mount.



Instead of a typical email notification, you can now receive a Twitter Direct Message when your alarm system is disarmed by a family member. A text-to-speech message tells you when the alarm system was armed by the last person to leave your home. Whatever IFTTT recipes you decide to activate using the ever growing list of services, you’ll never be more than an instant notification away from total home awareness.